One of the things I love about photography is the potential to tell a story with a single photo, or a series of photos. Stories which inspire, delight, or provoke. When I began taking photos, I didn't know that I was story-telling, but the more I have developed my photographic skills, the more I realize I am also developing my skills as a story-teller. 

I've begun using Maptia, a site which allows story-telling through a combination of words and images. Some you'll find are old stories that I've come back to, while other stories are still waiting to be told. Each of the images below is a link to a story I have created. If the stories resonate with you, please let me know. I am always interested in hearing how my stories align with yours.

Mmere Dane - Time Changes

Mmere Dane is represented in Ghanaian Adinkra cloth as a symbol which represents the dynamic and changing nature of time. In this story, I show a point in time when Ghana was undergoing significant development in communities throughout the country. These photographs were taken between 2003 and 2004, during a six month stay in Ghana.  As a young university student, this time was impactful for my life and career. 

Inis Mor - At the Edge of the Earth

Inis Mor is the largest of the Aran Islands, off the west (Atlantic) coast of Ireland. Visiting Inis Mor is like a step back in time, with stone walls and castle ruins. As with any island dwellers, those who live in Inis Mor have their own unique way, and represent the largest group of fluent Irish speakers anywhere in the world. The rugged, natural beauty provides some insight into the noticeable sense of determination that allows a community to thrive in this landscape.

Come In Before Ya Get the Bivers

Newfoundland, an island province off the east coast of Canada, is a giant rock on the edge of the North Atlantic. Harsh winters and cold springs are contrasted by the warmth of the people who live there. With strong Irish roots, Newfoundland English is filled with  words and sayings that often bear reference to a life on the sea. This story shares the rugged beauty, and sometimes unforgiving landscapes —  the realities of life in Newfoundland, a truly unique society.

Island Time

Mayne Island is one of hundreds of islands which make up the Southern Gulf Islands chain between the British Columbia mainland and Vancouver Island on the west Coast of Canada. The Gulf Islands  are loved for their charm and the opportunity they present to "get away' from it all. Island Time is an exploration of life on Mayne Island, what it means to be a part of a small, tight-knit community, and how the island residents (human and animal) live in harmony together.

Untitled photo

The titles and descriptions below are stories and personal projects I'm currently working on. They are works in progress (some further along than others) so no images or links are available yet. If you are interested in learning more about any of these stories, please contact me using the link on the left hand side of the page.

We Was Fierce Important

For centuries, Irish women have shown great strength and conviction in the face of challenges. This story celebrates Irish women through images of place - architecture, and landscapes. The history presented for these places is often associated with men, but there is an opportunity to change the narrative and give new associations to these spaces.

Ticket to Hand - Irish Rail 

The Irish Rail network connects passenger and freight across all of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. With the first line opening in 1834, these lines are closing in on 200 years of connection, bridging people and communities. This project is a collection of trains and stations, many years later, bridging old and new, showing a robust and well-used rail network. 

Keep Behind This Line

HIstorically, rule breakers have been change agents, hailed as heroes, or alternatively punished for their choices. This story is an exploration of rules, and what it means for them to be broken, through images of signage, rule abiders, and rule breakers themselves


Taxis (and other similar forms of transportation) and their drivers fascinate me. Many drivers have extraordinary stories to tell - those of their own lives, and those of the people they have encountered. In much of the world, they also decorate their vehicles in incredibly personal ways. This is a portraiture project exploring the world of taxis and their drivers.


This project explores disability as a social construct, and intersects with the research work I do on a global level. In this project, I am exploring the things which people with disabilities do and enjoy which they are passionate about and proud of, rather than focusing on the ways they are disabled by the environment around them.

Food for Thought

A trip to Malawi in 2018, and specifically a trip to a tea plantation, changed my perspective on food. The human capital employed to produce small amounts of tea is enormous - and yet we pay so little for it. We know so little about our food - how it's produced, who produces it, and how it gets to us. This project is an exploration of food before it hits the shops. The places, people, and processes behind the things we eat every day.

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